Monday, March 23, 2009

March 2009 Gathering

We met yesterday at Theresa's house, and everything was wonderful (not that any of us would admit to anything less!). The main dish required a long cook time, so Theresa had done most of the prep work and cooking by the time we arrived. It was nice to have more time than usual to chat!

Ladies, please let me know if I got the names of any of the dishes wrong, or if there are links to any of these recipes:

Appetizers (Mary): spinach dip and pumpkin dip
Salad (Janet): Chinese broccoli slaw
Main Dish (Theresa): Scott's short ribs (adding 2T of tomato paste after cooking the garlic)
Side Dishes (Carol): three cheese mashed potato bake, asparagus and tomato saute
Dessert (Tonya): meringues chantilly with roasted berries (with the addition of whipped cream that for some reason is missing from the recipe!)

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