Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rules and BLUEBERRY season

You all remember my confession about my brownies not having a "flaky" crust, but rather a cake like top. I decided it was my oven's fault. Poor oven. This weekend I bought an oven thermometer for $5 from Bed, Bath and Beyond and it verified that my OVEN IS PERFECT!! So then I started thinking... my last batch of brownies had a ribbon of flakiness running the length of the brownies as if that one patch was perfect. How can that be? I decided that maybe my problem is that I do not blend the brownie mix sufficiently!! EUREKA! And this makes sense.. the directions usually state a RULE, something like "mix well, 50 times". I figure since there is a number mentioned, that something bad or evil will happen should you over mix! So maybe, I have been under mixing all this time! EEK! I will test my theory when I mix the heck out of the brownies next time I make them.

In the mean time, I will be making recipes featuring blueberries as my parents and I are heading out for picking tomorrow bright and early. We want to beat the weekend pickers at the Moorehead Blueberry Farm. My mom wants to make Bran muffins, but I think I will find a recipe for a decadent muffin with struesel topping. Yum.

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