Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fruit Tart

We were invited to a South African braii last weekend. After consulting with wikipedia, I learned that a braii is a potluck bbq! Joe checked with our hosts, and they requested that we bring a dessert. My favorite, of course!

We knew they were already going to have at least a couple of cakes, so I decided to make a fruit tart. I bought a tart pan at the restaurant supply store a few months ago and have never gotten around to trying it out.

I consulted with the trusty Food Network website, and decided on a Paula Deen recipe. I really don't think Paula can go wrong as far as dessert goes. Of course, I did make a couple of changes. Instead of using vanilla in the cream cheese filling, I used lemon zest and almond extract. Just my personal preference for cream cheese flavoring. Also, I just used an apricot glaze for the fruit instead of the glaze recipe Paula uses.

I was relieved that the crust came out of the tart pan easily. This recipe makes more of a shortbread crust than a pastry crust, but I that was fine for this type of dessert. It was very easy to work with also.

The recipe was for a 12" pan, but mine is a 9.5", so there was enough left over to make some tarlets. These did not make it to the party, but were used for the chef and her husband to taste the recipe! It was delicious. Thanks Paula!