Monday, March 29, 2010

French Apple Tarts

I made this French Apple Tart this weekend and it was very tasty. And my mom thought it looked pretty with the apples, though I was a bit hasty and did not arrange them as pretty as I could have. I also did not make individual tarts, but just covered the entire pastry with apples. I used 3 tbs butter and some of the dough stayed too "doughy". Next time I will start with 1 tbs as you only need enough to wet the apples so the sugar sticks. I used 3 tbs because I thought it was a flavoring, or made the crust flakier, but now I realize its function.

Also, I recommend following the directions where it says to use a pan with sides. If you do not, butter will drip to the bottom of the oven, which may or may not catch on fire when you increase the oven temperature to 500 degrees in an attempt to "burn" off the butter. Then you may or may not have a heart attack while you wonder if you are about to catch your house on fire. Fortunately, I did not catch anything other than the butter on fire.


We celebrated on March 26, 2010 at t'afia for our special dinner that normally takes place in December. All attended, except for Mary.

When I arrived, wondering if I would see famous chef Monica Pope, I was pleasantly surprised to see Monica taking part in what looked like a photo shoot for The Houston Press. I will keep a look out for her in a future publication!

I started out with a ratafia with strawberries. Very yummy. I also had an endive salad (which was so good!), pistachio crusted salmon with an orange drizzle and the best spinach I have ever had and creme brulee for dessert. Janet also had the salmon, Tonya and Teresa had scallops with a chile sauce and quinoa and Carol had the veal. I think between the 5 of us we had every dessert and all were tasty. Carol liked my creme brulee the best, but I thought the chocolate brownies and mouse were very good.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pineapple Pie

My dad loves pineapple pie, so I decided to find a recipe for him. I found an awesome one off The Pioneer Woman's new cooking site, Tasty Kitchen. These are real recipes, submitted by real people with real feedback. How can you go wrong?

The pie was excellent. Creamy with very little fat and quite simple. I did not even scramble the eggs while heating up the filling! Grandma Inez's Pineapple Pie will be made again!