Monday, March 29, 2010


We celebrated on March 26, 2010 at t'afia for our special dinner that normally takes place in December. All attended, except for Mary.

When I arrived, wondering if I would see famous chef Monica Pope, I was pleasantly surprised to see Monica taking part in what looked like a photo shoot for The Houston Press. I will keep a look out for her in a future publication!

I started out with a ratafia with strawberries. Very yummy. I also had an endive salad (which was so good!), pistachio crusted salmon with an orange drizzle and the best spinach I have ever had and creme brulee for dessert. Janet also had the salmon, Tonya and Teresa had scallops with a chile sauce and quinoa and Carol had the veal. I think between the 5 of us we had every dessert and all were tasty. Carol liked my creme brulee the best, but I thought the chocolate brownies and mouse were very good.

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