Thursday, March 10, 2011

Healthy, delicious muffins

Every week it seems I have bananas ready to be put to use in a new recipe. I also have whole wheat flour that is taking up space, occasionally used as an under-study to supplement all-purpose flour. I googled "whole wheat banana" and found this wonderful recipe for Whole Wheat Honey Banana Muffins. They are delicious!! So very moist and tasty. I added a generous amount of cinnamon and walnuts and used three bananas to make 12 muffins.

I have been eating two a day, one for breakfast and one for an afternoon snack. In the morning I heat it up for 20 seconds and put on a dab of butter. In the afternoon I eat it at room temperature on the ride home to ward off the I AM STARVING feeling I normally have when I walk in the door after work.

This is now my go-to muffin recipe. I think the cinnamon and nuts are a must (pecans or walnuts). I also think these could be made with apples, shredded carrot or zucchini and with golden raisins. The batter IS a little bland and "healthy" so the nuts and fruits are what makes it delicious.

The recipe creator, A Messy Cook, states that:

"These muffins are delicious and have a great texture, and they are 100% healthy! No refined flour or sweeteners....To make the muffins lower in fat, replace half of the oil with unsweetened applesauce. I also use "white whole-wheat" flour, which is softer than that made with red wheat (but has the exact same nutritional value)."

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