Sunday, July 31, 2011

Chickpeas with Broccolini and Bacon

This recipe was originally meant for broccoli rabe, but it looks like broccolini in the picture, and I had broccolini, so that is what I used. I also had bacon (rare) and a can of chickpeas I did not know what to do with. It was as if this recipe was meant to be cooked by me this weekend. I did not have an onion, but a neighbor took pity on me and provided one.

This recipe is easy to put together, nutritious and different. The onions are sweet and the bacon makes it hearty. I think it would be a great main dish if you used ham rather than bacon. Also, I do not cook with bacon often (other than as a side to breakfast) and I realized after I made this that if you want the bacon crisp that you need to cook it to that point before adding the onions.

Other changes I made were to not parboil the broccolini and I did not use any oil as I knew the bacon would render plenty.

Here are pictures with the Parmesan on top and then plated and the cheese melted.

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