Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Brennan's of Houston

Another week in August, another week celebrating Houston Restaurant Weeks.  This week it was Brennan's of Houston and the food and atmosphere were both amazing! 

After being seated at our table featuring high backed chairs we ordered our three course meals.  Appetizers included shrimp and grits, the famous turtle soup and a salad featuring peaches and a sunflower seed brittle.  The shrimp and grits were my favorite even though I ordered the turtle soup!  The soup was thick and made from a brown roux and it was finished with a drizzle of sherry.  The salad was delicious and my second favorite appetizer.  I HAD to order the famous soup, which I did enjoy and finish, and fortunately my table mates were happy to share a taste of their dishes.

Entrees ordered were the filet of beef with delicious mashed potatoes over a bacon tomato jam and shrimp creole.  The steak was very tender and the bacon tomato jam gave the potatoes a bacon flavor that was very nice.  The shrimp creole featured large, fresh, perfectly cooked shrimp and a mild sauce that were served table side over a bed of rice.

All three of the dessert choices were ordered and these were strawberry shortcake, bread pudding and bananas foster.  All were delicious!  The strawberry shortcake had a strawberry puree with a biscuit covered in berries, fresh cream and another biscuit.  The bread pudding was accompanied by pecans and a whiskey sauce and was sinfully delicious.  Prepared table side, the bananas foster was served with a rum sauce, home made ice cream and a beautiful white bowl decorated with hearts made from powdered cinnamon.

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