Thursday, September 1, 2011


For the final night of Houston Restaurant Weeks, we dined at RDG Bar Annie.  There is a sitting room and private dining rooms downstairs and the bar and restaurant are upstairs.  When we arrived the happy hour was hopping in the bar that also includes an outdoor patio. 

Our first table was just off the bar and the noise was so loud that we could not hear over the boisterous crowd!  We asked the hostess for a new location and she gladly complied.  Our final table was in view of the kitchen where we could see the calm Robert Del Grande walking amongst his chefs, who also seemed very calm.  Their demeanor went well with the soothing atmosphere of the wood paneled dining room.

RDG offered a 4-course dinner deal with two starters, a main course and dessert.  Appetizers included polenta, trout with egg salad, and pear and endive salad with a spicy dressing.  Entrees ordered were the strip steak with hominy and salmon with ginger slaw.  For desert the choice was unanimous of cheesecake covered in caramel.  All entrees were delicious and several had lots of heat!

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