Thursday, October 13, 2011

Apple Oatmeal Crisp

Fall weather is around the corner and that makes me think of fruit crisps.  Apple is my favorite variety because apples are abundant any time of year.  I found this recipe for Apple Oatmeal Crisp on allrecipes and it was easy to prepare and tasty!  I like the fact that the butter is melted and you do not have to "cut it" in.  I HATE cutting in butter as I think it is hard work and takes too long.  To me, butter is best when it is soft enough to not fight back when incorporating into a recipe.

Minor modifications made were instead of putting some of the topping on the bottom of the pan, I instead tossed some of it with the apples along with a couple of tablespoons of white sugar and generous dashes of cinnamon.  You do NOT need the full amount of white sugar and the couple of tablespoons was plenty.

This would be excellent served with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream along with a tall glass of cold milk.  Sitting in front of a fire is optional.

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