Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Split Pea Soup

My winter of soups continues.  The latest, Split Pea Soup, was the simplest and tastiest.  You layer everything in the crock pot, set it, and forget it!  DO NOT STIR because you need to maintain the layers so the peas will get soft.  

I made a couple minor changes, and I am glad I did.  I did NOT add any salt or pepper and the soup ended up being perfectly seasoned.  It is almost too salty due to the ham.  And speaking of ham, I used an entire ham steak with a bone.  I cooked the bone and removed it at the end.  I also used all my parsley which did not affect the flavor, only added some colorful flecks.  And finally, I threw in a couple sprigs of thyme.  

After 5 hours I stirred the soup and knew it was finished cooking.  I left the lid off for 20 or so minutes to thicken a bit.  This soup is wonderful and re-heats beautifully.

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