Sunday, March 11, 2012

Brunch at benjy's

A small contingent of the Gourmet Gals met for brunch on a rainy Sunday.  Brunch is served starting at 11:00 and reservations are necessary.  Benjy's is a trendy yet friendly place with awesome food.  

As with other meal times at benjy's, small bites are served.  Brunch featured spice muffins which tasted of cinnamon and savory biscuits.  Creamy apple butter was served on the side.  We also enjoyed blood orange mimosas.

We started off with biscuits with hamburger gravy.  The biscuits were amazingly flaky and I would have loved to have them alone with butter and jelly.  The gravy was like S.O.S. that my parents make and I now make as comfort food.  It was lightly seasoned and delicious with the biscuits.

For entrees we had nut crusted french toast with berries, nut crusted chicken with potatoes (which are ADDICTIVE) and corn puree and crab cakes with a side of eggs, fruit and potatoes.  

The french toast was flavorful even without syrup and light with no greasiness. 

The nut crusted chicken is the same that is served for dinner.  The portion is huge and there is a wonderful crispy crust.

The crab cakes had some cumin and nice overall flavor.  With the sauce it was like an eggs Benedict with crab cakes rather than English muffins.

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