Sunday, April 8, 2012

Carrot Cake

I grew carrots from seed in my garden and it is time to harvest.  What does one do with 50 carrots all ready at the same time?  Well, I am harvesting a few at a time and assuming those left in the ground will continue to grow.

With my carrots I made Carrot Cake.  It is more than CARROT cake because it has pineapple, coconut and nuts.  For those that do not like coconut, I did not even taste it.

This recipe makes a very moist, sweet cake.  There is a cream cheese frosting and buttermilk glaze. 

Modifications I made were using just two pans rather than three.  The pans were less than half full so I did not see why I should use 3.  I also used fresh pineapple and crushed it with a potato masher and I had a very ripe banana so I threw it in as well.

When I poured the glaze, I guess because I used 2 cakes rather than 3, I had a lot left over.  I poured enough to cover the cakes and after a few minutes of soaking in I poured the remaining out because I was afraid the cakes would become a soggy mess.  Rather than being soggy the cakes were very moist yet delicate.  I recommend cooling completely in the pans before removing.  If some sticks to the pan it is easy to push it back into place.  This cake is very forgiving and the cream cheese frosting ensures it will look perfect in the end.

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