Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Smores Two Ways

I have been craving smores.  But as I also crave making new recipes, I made this recipe for cookies and this doctored crescent roll recipe.

The cookies were really easy and delicious.  There is a lot of cinnamon in the recipe and I think it is a preference thing... if you like cinnamon, use it.   If not, keep it out.  Cinnamon is not a smores component so I am not sure WHY it is in the recipe.  Why ask why?  These held up well and were just as good at room temperature the next day as they were warm out of the oven.

The crescent rolls were super simple and SO VERY TASTY!  I put about 5 mini marshmallows and 2 squares of chocolate in the center and then wrapped up the roll.  You cannot mess this up.  I was afraid if I did not wrap tightly that all the goodness would fall out, but nope, it stays right where it is supposed to be. I also feared this would be too sweet, but again, nope.  PERFECT. 


  1. This isn't the first review of these cookies! :-) http://txgourmetgals.blogspot.com/2012/05/smores-cookies.html

    They are really cute with the hershey bars on top, but I've made them a couple of times with chocolate chips instead to save time and money.

  2. HAHAHA. oops! Thanks for the comment. :-) I used Hershey miniatures.