Saturday, March 2, 2013

Two apple cakes

I made two apple cakes for work.  Both were well received.  One, the Mom's Apple Cake is a bit on the wholesome side, with no icing and the other, Apple Fritter Cake is naughty in all the right ways with both a brown sugar topping AND a glaze.

For the Mom's apple cake, a tube pan really is essential.  I baked mine in a bundt pan, and when I removed it, the cake split at the middle apple layer.  I was able to push it back together and it tasted fantastic.  I used about 5 Granny Smith apples and the cake over-floweth with apple goodness.

The apple fritter cake.  WOW.  It is so moist and sweet without being overly sweet.  I do not think the cooking of the apples is a necessary step, so I will skip that next time, along with the cornstarch.  Oh, and I used way more apples - 4 granny smiths.  I also only prepared half of the glaze.  I could have used a tiny bit more, so next time I will prepare the entire recipe and just use my judgement on HOW MUCH GLAZE IS TOO MUCH GLAZE?!  That really is not something that I should ever ponder, but I am trying to cut down empty calories. 

P.S.  My apple fritter cake won second prize at the office bake off.  I think I would have won first except my coworkers thought I was the Lance Armstrong (minus the steroids) of the company baking competitions and my reign needed to be stopped.  At least that is how Chad explained it to me.  Next time I will not tell people which dessert is mine.

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