Monday, March 11, 2013

Two Bean Soup with Kale

I planted kale seeds in my garden in about October 2012.  All the other seed-to-plants that I planted at the same time are long gone.  What the bugs did not eat, the freezing temperatures killed.  Kale is like the roach of vegetables.  Nothing can kill it.  For the past couple of months I have harvested the tender leaves in the middle and I will repeat this until the kale finally gives up.  My continually giving kale plants is why I pinned this recipe for Two Bean Soup with Kale.  I am glad I did because it is the best soup recipe I have ever made especially given the few spices required (salt and red wine vinegar - I did not add pepper).

The modifications I made were adding a pound of mild Italian sausage and a can of Rotel (original), not pureeing the beans and omitting the olive oil and pepper.  I cooked the sausage until brown and then did not drain the fat.  I omitted the olive oil, and sauteed the vegetables with the browned meat and the little amount of rendered fat.

I did not add the salt when called for because I knew the sausage and Rotel would add some.  I added the Rotel at the same time as the beans.  At the end, I added a minimum amount of salt to taste.  The soup is hearty and flavorful with the fennel from the sausage.  I think without the sausage it would be bland.  The carrots and celery add some crunch and the beans are hardly noticeable (I am not a huge cannelloni bean fan).  The kale is in every bite.  This soup is hearty, healthy and flavorful with very little fat.


  1. In general I avoid any recipe review that mentions the word "roach," but this does sound good!