Monday, October 7, 2013

Hello Cold Front!

I love the components of a cold front:  high winds followed by rain which subsides, leaving behind a cold, gray day and within a few hours.... perfection.  Low temperatures, low humidity and clear, blue skies.  It makes me feel frisky and I drive too fast with my windows down.  Even when it reaches 82 degrees.  But no matter!  LOW HUMIDITY makes it all ok!

The lower temperatures and humidity also make me want to bake and cook.  I baked these Knock You Naked Bars for a football party.  YUM.  I only put in half the amount of peanut butter called for because I have a picky eater in the house and you could still taste it so if you do NOT LIKE peanut butter, skip it all together.  But next time I make this, for my parents, I will use ALL of the peanut butter!

It doesn't matter how you dollop the top layer of cookie dough on because it will all come together creating a new crust for the caramel goodness.  These are really easy to prepare and the bars stay moist for days. 

I cooked up this pot of White Chicken Chili in 30 minutes.  It was great right after I made it and even better the next day, giving the "chili" flavors more time to develop.  Without the sour cream and half and half it is just a soup but the creamy dairy products bring this to a chili status.  It also tones down the heat from the cayenne.  I actually was out of half and half so I used evaporated milk because I had some in the fridge.  I am not sure how half and half and evaporated milk measure up to each other but I found it to be interchangeable and with less fat.  This "chili" would be good also with some potato chunks and maybe corn.  But then I think it becomes "White Chicken CHOWDER".  Haha!