Monday, February 17, 2014

Good and evil

I picked the day of a work dessert competition to decide to stop eating sugar.  Needless to say, that did not happen.  So AFTER this dessert took 2nd place in the competition, I went to the gym and vowed to start again at dinner.  One meal at a time!

The white chocolate crumb bars were rich and creamy.  I used 2 - 4 oz white chocolate bars and strawberry jam.  I would recommend using a spoon and not a tablespoon to put thinner dollups of jam on top of the white chocolate.   And do not stir.  Bake so the center is pretty much set.  Even after cooling and refrigerating the very center was still too gooey.  I ate those pieces and they were delicious yet messy.  UGH!  I am OUT OF CONTROL!  Ha!

I also wanted a chocolate entry into the competition, hence these Snickers Brownie Cookies.  I thought that they would take the prize but nope, did not even place.  I could not find the Snickers bites (because I was on the Valentine's aisle and not the candy aisle - see, I do not even know where to buy candy except at the cash register) so I used 1 chopped up Snickers in the batter and 1 to press extra pieces into the dough prior to baking.  I froze the Snickers for easy chopping.  I liked these cookies and I will make them again.

Now, for the good and healthy.  I made a quinoa salad with Brussels sprouts and butternut squash.  I started with this quinoa because I found it at Sprouts and it seemed like a good introduction to this new ingredient that I have not cooked with before.  This salad was so delicious!!  I could not find the shaved Brussels sprouts so I pulsed them in my food processor a few times.  This resulted in a mixture of tiny pieces and almost whole sprouts.  Next time I will just quarter them.  I do not like peeling butternut squash so I halved it, removed the seeds, sprinkled on some brown sugar and roasted it.  Then I cut and scooped it out of the skin.  Much simpler.  I used salted, roasted pumpkin seeds (pepitas) that I found in the bulk bins from Sprouts.  I will definetly be making more quinoa as it is so versitale and tasty.

To go with the quinoa, I prepared a super simple, super flavorful salmon dish.  I bought enough salmon for 4 or 5 servings for only $7.  It took about 2 minutes to put this dish together and in 15 minutes it was tender and flaky.  It also reheats beautifully.  I am thinking that the next time I prepare this that I may put in some asparagus in the foil packet. 

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