Monday, April 14, 2014

April 13, 2014

We met at Tonya's house.  There were only three of us so our menu was actually cooking light!  For once, I left without feeling like a stuffed pig!

For cocktails I prepared a lemon lavender cocktail using Janet's lavender syrup.  It was light and sweet with no overly alcohol taste from the gin.  The prepared syrup made this recipe simple to put together.  I used the juice from 8 lemons so clearly there are medicinal benefits.

The appetizer was a roasted garlic and brie pizza.  I used a Boboli thin crust and added sun dried tomatoes and thyme.  I covered the pizza in brie and I think that may have been over kill.  If I made this again I could have some patches without cheese because it is very rich.

Our main dish was moussaka.  It is like a Greek shepherd's pie, except with currants, honey and bechamel sauce. Ha!  This casserole was delicious and all the exotic flavors blend together magically.  We garnished with parsley and ate it with some warm naan.

The dessert was Greek to go along with the Greek themed main dish.  Galaktoboureko is a custard in a crispy phyllo shell.  The custard has a texture like malt-o-meal and not smooth like creme brulee.  This desert is also not overly sweet despite the syrup on top. A nice sized slice was the perfect end to our meal.

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