Saturday, June 7, 2014

Chicken and vegetables

Lately, I am on a chicken with vegetable side dish kick.  I am attempting to eat healthier and this type of meal fills me up.  Last week's dinner was Pan Roasted Chicken with Roasted Broccolini with Mushrooms.  The chicken was some of the most moist that I have ever prepared.  Either I cooked it perfectly OR the pan juices infused the meat with deliciousness.  I almost skipped the pan juice preparation because the chicken seemed wonderful without it but I carried onward and whipped up the simple sauce.  I left out the butter because there was enough oil (grease, let's be real) from the chicken.  Now, if you want crispy skin, you cannot serve the juice on top.  Pick your battles.. do you want crispy skin or super moist meat?

This side of roasted broccolini with mushrooms was simple and tasty.  You can roast the broccolini at the same time as the chicken.  Or, you can roast it in advance.  The mushrooms cook with the onions until the mushrooms both release their juices and then reasorb it.  Who knew this would happen?!  Not I!  The recipe says to be patient and let this process happen until the pan is dry.  Then you add the sweet nectar of white wine and let this get absorbed.  I always think that wine makes any dish fancy.  After the mushrooms are dry again I stirred in the broccolini (which I cut into bite size pieces) and cheese.  I think a little lemon juice would also be a good complimentary flavor.  This is a hearty yet very healthy side dish.  I doubled the amount of mushrooms because I think you can never have too many.

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