Sunday, March 15, 2015

February 15, 2015

We met at Tonya's house on February 15, 2015. 

Cocktail - Tonya, X Rated Fusion Liqueur Cocktail
Appetizer - Angie, Crock Pot Skinny Parmesan Spinach Dip
Salad - Angie, Kale Salad with Root Vegetables and Apple
Main Dish - Authentic Louisiana Red Beans and Rice
Dessert - Mary, Sweet Potato Pie with Praline Topping

Tonya kicked off the evening with a cocktail containing X Rated Fusion Liqueur and Prosecco.  It was lightly sweet and went down very smooth.  And fast.  Perhaps this is where the "X Rated" in the name comes from.

Our appetizer was Skinny Parmesan Spinach Dip with tortilla and pita chips.  This dip was easy to mix together and cook in the crock pot and then of course, the added bonus is it will stay creamy and warm.  I think I will use this method to make dips in the future because there is nothing worse than a warm dip getting cold and congealed.

Kale Salad with Root Vegetables and Apple was the salad that I prepared.  It is a winter salad with the root vegetables and hearty kale.  I have never handled rutabagas before and this ingredient turned out to not be intimidating at all.  I used honey in the dressing rather than agave syrup. 

For our main dish, we prepared together Authentic Louisiana Red Beans and Rice in Tonya's pressure cooker.  I am happy to report that there were neither injuries nor explosions DESPITE Tonya releasing the pressure a couple of  times to test the beans.  I really enjoyed this dish and the pressure cooker makes it simple and quick to prepare.  The beans were tender, the sausage perfectly cooked and the white rice (cooked separately in a rice cooker) cut the spicy heat. 

To complete our meal, Mary served  Sweet Potato Pie with Praline Topping. This pie was outstanding!  I see now why some prefer it over pumpkin pie.  The filling was sweet and smooth and the topping was crunchy with the candied pecans.  I think I will add this to my Thanksgiving menu.