Friday, September 25, 2015

Going bananas

My new office has baskets of bananas and apples throughout the suite.  At first I thought these were decorations, but nope, they are for eating.  I will never buy an apple or banana again.  I asked a coworker what happens with the bananas at the end of the week and she said "YOU take them home, make banana bread and bring it back on Monday.  70% of us like nuts."  Oh.  Well.  OK.  I have not yet been brave enough to stuff my purse full of brown bananas but I am almost there.

In the meantime, I purchased some bananas and made banana pudding.  I used this recipe for the pudding.  It's creamy and delicious.  Then I got all fancy and put it in a pie, using this recipe as the go-by, but again using the other recipe for the pudding.  One recipe of the pudding was enough for two pies.  I skipped the lemon juice and mixed the wafers and banana slices in the pudding.  Spoon it in the pie shell, scatter on more wafers, drizzle the caramel sauce and dot with whipped cream.  After setting up in the refrigerator it does actually slice nicely.  Or, just got at it with a spoon.  Either way.

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