Saturday, October 3, 2015

Dinner and dessert

Unstuffed cabbage casserole should really be called unstuffed cabbage ROLL casserole.  It has all the components of a cabbage roll but deconstructed and mixed into a casserole.  I hate when chefs on cooking shows make things deconstructed, like chicken pot pie.  NO!  What makes chicken pot pie delicious is it is prepared and served exactly as it has been for 100 years!  

In this case, deconstructed just makes it an easier recipe to fix and with less steps.  Skip the step of blanching the cabbage.  I cut it in thin strips and it cooked through in the oven.  I also used canned, diced tomatoes, skipped the dried mint and added Italian seasoning.  It turned out very good, with lots of flavor and reheats beautifully for left overs.  When I make it next time I am going to add some hot Italian sausage because I think the fennel in the sausage will be really nice with the other Italian spices.

For dessert (i.e., one for me, the rest for the office), I made these peanut butter blondies.  The recipe seemed too simple for these to be good but in fact, they were AMAZING.  I have been on a quest for the best recipe for peanut butter cookies and these bars are it. Bars, cookies, same difference, right?  I used chunky peanut butter and the nuts added a nice texture and not noticeable as a coworker told me "chunky peanut butter would be good in these".  Did that!  Chocolate chips in these would be sinful.

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