Sunday, November 29, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

I made a few new dishes this year that I want to share.

First, the turkey.  This is the simplest yet tastiest turkey that I have ever prepared.  No overnight brining.  No fingers smeared with butter and working under the skin.  The aromatics go into the turkey, olive oil on the outside and you are done.  I did add some poultry seasoning to the outside because I love the flavor.  The turkey was super moist after I baked it to just under 165 degrees and let it rest. I also set it out for about 2 hours before I put it in the oven.  The aromatics add nice yet mild flavor to the meat.  The recipe link goes into great detail with a summary recipe about half way down.

I also prepared a spiral cut ham IN MY CROCK POT.  Yes!  I could not figure out how to time the turkey, ham and side dishes in the oven so I looked for alternative methods for heating up the ham and voila, crock pot!  It was perfect!  The bone in ham was slightly too tall for my crock pot so I cut some off and put it on the side of the pot.  I also had to use two layers of foil as a lid and as suggested in the recipe, still rested the lid on top.  I used one cup of orange juice and one cup of water as the liquid and only half of the glaze because I did not want the ham to be too sweet.  I think this was a good idea and the extras were not missed.   

Two new sides made an appearance this year.  My parents brought Ruth's Chris Sweet Potatoes.   These are sweet enough that you could put it in a pie crust and call it dessert!  While I thought it was delicious and decadent, I think you could half the sugar in the potatoes and would not miss it, especially since there is a cup of brown sugar in the topping!  I was impressed with my dad for following both my instructions to bring this dish as well as preparing it.  I love delegating!

The second new side dish was Black Eyed Pea squash casserole.  This is a great way to fancy up squash.  I added some fresh thyme and otherwise stuck to the recipe.  The bread crumbs create a nice crust. I put this recipe together the night before and baked it on Thanksgiving day.  This savory side dish was a nice contrast to the sweet potatoes.

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