Saturday, December 12, 2015

Stew and Muffins

It sometimes gets cold here.  When it does, I want to cook using my crock pot.  I made old fashioned beef stew using this very simple recipe.  I did not do any searing or cooking outside of the crock pot.  I followed the recipe other than leaving out the celery (my family does not believe in celery in stew) and I used 32 ounces of beef stock.  Start off with the amount of beef stock as called for in the recipe and then add more to get the amount of "soupyness" that you want to achieve.  I did need to thicken at the end using a corn starch slurry and add quite a bit of salt.  This was delicious, comforting and just like my parents would make and with the ease of a crock pot.

I had some fresh cranberries and oranges so I decided to whip up some muffins.  These were superb.  The muffin is almost like pound cake and it would make a great base for any combination of fruit and nuts.   I recommend cutting the cranberries in half but otherwise, this recipe is perfect.

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