Sunday, November 13, 2016

November 6, 2016

We met at my house and all 4 musketeers were present. 

Cocktail - Angie, Mid Winter Mule
Appetizer - Angelica, Crab Ceviche
Salad - Mary, Wedge
Main Dish - Crawfish Etouffee
Dessert - Tonya, Bananas Foster

A mid winter mule featuring cinnamon syrup was our cocktail for the evening.  While I could not taste the cinnamon flavor, the drink was strong enough that you did not mind.  The ginger beer or ginger ale is necessary to cut through the spirits.  Or not!

Next we moved on to Angelica's crab ceviche with tortilla chips.  Rather than using imitation crab, Angelica used a crab cake that she baked and flaked.  She also used a jalapeno pepper rather than Serrano peppers.   The dip tasted fresh with all the raw vegetables and had quite a kick.  The lime juice tempers the heat nicely. 

I think this wedge salad prepared by Mary is the most delicious salad that I have EVER TASTED.  She added crumbled bacon and that is the ingredient that made this salad addictive.  The bacon was stored in a baggie and I called it "crack in a Ziploc".  Anyway, let me reiterate, YOU MUST ADD BACON TO THIS SALAD. The dressing is creamy, salty and tangy, the lettuce is crisp and the BACON, onions and tomatoes add nice texture. 

Our main dish, that we prepared together, was crawfish etouffee.  Tonya, having graduated from LSU and thus a Cajun expert, was on the most critical roux duty.  She did an excellent job!  I bought 3 packages of frozen crawfish tails and we used it all.  I have always been intimidated by etouffee but no more!  The most complicated part of this dish is the stirring of the roux.  Once that is complete you add the other ingredients, except for the tails, and simmer.  The vegetables stay a little crisp and it is creamy and not too spicy.  You can spice it up with hot sauce to taste.

The final dish of the evening was Tonya's bananas foster.  Bananas are sauteed and slightly caramelized and lite aflame for a dramatic finish!!  Unless you use banana flavored rum.  While delicious, flavored rum does not have the same, high alcohol content of normal rum and thus, will not catch fire. Either way, this dessert is divine with a sweet, caramel like sauce and bananas that are served over vanilla ice cream.  You could also serve left overs over waffles or pancakes.  Or, eating straight out of the pan with a big spoon.

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